Vertically Integrated Software Designed Specifically for Cannabis Businesses

Elevate your dispensary operations with our specialized software solutions and CRM. Simplify order processing, streamline account management, and unlock growth potential for your cannabis retail business.

Optimize manufacturing and distribution with end-to-end tracking tools. Our platform empowers you to monitor activities from extraction to refinement and delivery, streamlining your cannabis supply chain.

Master your cultivation process with our comprehensive software package. Seamlessly manage every aspect of your cannabis farm, from seed to sale, with an all-in-one solution designed for growers.

Streamline Your Dispensary with Marijuana Software

Dispensaries + Delivery

Streamline your dispensary operations and enhance customer experience with Marijuana Software's comprehensive solutions. Our all-inclusive package for dispensaries includes user-friendly POS systems and automated METRC compliance updates. Effortlessly generate purchase orders, invoices, and manifests with our intuitive interface, while accessing valuable customer data, such as order histories, payments, and purchasing trends through our easy-to-navigate dashboard.


  • Sales and Inventory Reports

  • Employee and Patient Management Systems

  • Discount Creation and Loyalty Programs

  • Label and Receipt Printing

  • Built-In Delivery Support

Optimize Your Wholesale and Delivery Operations with Marijuana Software

Wholesalers + Proccessors

Simplify and organize your cannabis manufacturing and distribution process with Marijuana Software's tailored solutions for wholesalers. Our platform provides advanced packaging and inventory management tools, enabling accurate cost-per-gram calculations and distribution tracking through a user-friendly dashboard. Eliminate stock miscalculations and optimize your operations with our efficient systems designed to meet your unique needs.


  • Inventory and Distribution Management

  • Platforms

  • Packaging and Labeling System

  • Simplified Cost-Per-Gram Calculation

  • METRC Compliance

  • Sales Management Software

Elevate Your Farming and Cultivation Game with Marijuana Software

Farmers + Cultivators

Empower your cannabis cultivation with Marijuana Software's specialized packages for farmers and cultivators. Our customizable dashboard allows you to focus on key farm activities while our robust system streamlines plant batch management, transfers, and packaging in one centralized location. Experience seamless seed-to-sale tracking and optimize your crop management with our tailored solutions for cannabis cultivators.


  • Plant Tagging and Labeling Systems

  • Access to Real-Time Crop Data

  • Packaging and Distribution Management

  • METRC and State Reporting Options

  • Employee Management Systems

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