Elevate Your Farming and Cultivation Game with Marijuana Software

To manage your crop in the best way possible and track your growth from seed to sale, you need the right tools. That’s why we offer packages specifically designed for farmers and cultivators.The customizable dashboard for farm activity gives you the flexibility to track the things that matter most to you. Marijuana Software’s powerful system lets you manage plant batches, transfers, and packaging in a centralized location.


Plant Tagging and Labeling Systems

Our farmer/cultivator software includes plant tagging and labeling systems that allow you to track your plants from seed to harvest. You can create custom labels with compliance information and track plant movements, growth stages, and other relevant data.

Access to Real-Time Crop Data

Our software provides access to real-time crop data, allowing you to monitor plant growth, track yield, and optimize your production. You can monitor key metrics such as temperature, humidity, and nutrient levels, and adjust growing conditions accordingly.

Packaging and Distribution Management

Our software includes packaging and distribution management tools that help you manage your products from harvest to sale. You can easily track product movements, manage stock levels, and monitor inventory levels in real-time. Our distribution management tools allow you to manage deliveries, track driver location, and provide real-time updates to customers.

METRC and State Reporting Options

Our software is fully compliant with METRC regulations, making it easy for you to stay compliant with state regulations. You can easily track sales, manage customer data, and generate reports to ensure compliance. We also offer state reporting options that enable you to submit compliance data to state agencies.

Employee Management Systems

Our farmer/cultivator software includes employee management systems that help you manage your staff and optimize your production. You can create employee profiles, set permissions, and monitor performance. You can also track employee hours and manage payroll.

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