Customer Stories

Your dispensary needs to run smoothly to provide the best customer experience possible. Marijuana Software’s all-inclusive package for dispensaries amplifies your current business with easy-to-use POS systems and automatically updated METRC compliances.With the touch of a button, you can generate purchase orders, invoices, and manifests via a user-friendly interface. Our powerful ERP system also provides access to customer order histories, payments, purchasing trends, and log interactions through a user-friendly dashboard.

Great POS with many features the other companies don't have. I also have a website FREE, and online ordering that is very easy to use. Thanks Raja and team!

G. Pierce

Dispensary Owner | Positive Vibrations

My name is Ryan Bledsoe I’m one of the owners at Bernies Universal Dispensaries here in Newport Oregon. I have been working with Raja and the amazing team at Marijuana software ever since I had a major software meltdown with another company. They have always been a phone call away to solve any POS issue that I have encountered in the cannabis industry, even down to almost running out of labels and Raja taking care of you. I would definitely give this company five stars !! if you’re wanting to navigate in the cannabis industry these are the guys you want at your table.

R. Bledsoe

CEO and President | Bernies Universal Dispensaries

Our Dispensary, Gibbs Green Delivery Service Inc. located in Tulsa, uses Marijuana Software LLC and can truly say they have Great software for our Dispensary! Ease of use is important as is the ability to have access to help when we need it. These folks have won us over - hands down!!!

The Larks

Owners | Gibbs Green Dispensary Service

Absolutely love this company. Always so quick to answer and fix whatever issues I have or answer any question no matter how ridiculous it seems to me lol keep it up 😊" Highly Recommend.

Jessica V.

Owner | Ja-Makin Me High Dispensary

Marijuana Software has been super reliable for us and it has never gone down. Some of the other software companies have more bells and whistles, but they're not anything that we use or really even need. And then they just tap on a bigger price tag for it. I would tell anybody who needs point of sale system that Marijuana Software is the one to get!


Owner | Green Goddess Dispensary

Marijuana Software was the easiest POS system to use and navigate thru my audit! Best POS 2022!

Randy L.

Dispensary Owner | Holistic COOP