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Cannabis Point-of-Sale Software Pricing

The Most Affordable Software for Dispensaries

Your First Month is Always $35.
We Grow With You™

$ 35 /month
Price Per Month SKUs Per Month
1 - 499 SKUs
500 - 999 SKUs
1,000 - 1,499 SKUs
1,500 - 1,999 SKUs
2,000 - 2,499 SKUs
2,500 - 2,999 SKUs
3,000 - 3,499 SKUs
3,500 - 3,999 SKUs

The Most Affordable Software for
Farmers + Cultivators

$ 35 /month flat fee

FAQ's About Payment Terms

How much does it cost?

Pricing is based on monthly transactions. You only pay for what you need. Plans start at $35/month but usually average $150/month. We charge no onboarding fees and have the best price around for your cannabis business!

I have a large facility. What do I pay if I regularly sell over 4,000 SKUs per month?

We would love to win your business! Please reach out and let us know you are interested in enterprise-wide pricing. We have other perks for larger customers too, such as access to beta features and product road mapping. We grow with you!™

What payment types does Marijuana Software accept?

We accept Paypal and many major credit cards — Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

How do I cancel my Marijuana Software Subscription?

Send an email to with the subject line “Cancel” and the body, “I wish to cancel my Marijuana Software subscription.”